Tianqi Lithium provides customers with high quality productsand solutions encompassing a diverse line up of lithium chemicals, lithium mineral concentrates and lithium metalto assist their operational objectives.

Regarding sales and customer service, please feel free to contact Tianqi through the following departments orfax to +86(028)85336393 / 85138860.

  • Lithium Battery Material Business Department

    bbin平台大全 Our Department focuses on the new energy sector, by providing lithium chemicals for use in the lithium ion battery industry.
    Phone: +86(28)8517 9209 / 8533 5029

    Lithium Battery Material Business Department
  • Industrial Application Business Department

    Our Department focuses on all industrial applications for lithium except the glass and ceramic industry, as well as lithium metal.
    Phone: +86(28)8514 5806 / 8517 7096

    Industrial Application Business Department
  • Glass and Ceramic Business Department

    Based on supply of the highest quality Australian technical-grade spodumene, our Department offers the glass and ceramic industry with downstream lithium chemicals, as well as spodumene, with different solutions ranging from fine grinding to calcination.
    Phone: +86(28)8533 6391 / 8533 6897
    Enquiries relating to lithium-silica powder, anhydrous sodium sulphate powder, calcium powder, coal ash, sodium hypochlorite and etc., please feel free to contact:
    Phone: +86(28)8533 5367 / 8533 6452

    Glass and Ceramic Business Department
  • Overseas Business Department

    Our department focuses on Tianqi Lithium's Overseas lithium business including sales and supply of lithium products to customers located outside of China.
    Phone: +86(28)8519 6209 / 8519 7181

    Overseas Business Department

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