Lithium Products
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  • Lithium Metal

    Formula: Li


    Widely used in the industry of atomicenergy, aerospace, lithium alloy, lithium battery, controlled nuclear fusionreactor, military, synthetic rubber, pharmacy, etc.

    Product Specification     Conform to YS/T4369-2007


    Packed in polythene plastic bag (its toptightly is sealed) or aluminum-plastic complex bag (filled under vacuumconditions) as the inner layer, and another aluminum-plastic complex bag(filled in dry argon and its top is encapsulated) as the outer layer; then heldin one steel drum (in the drum spare space is loaded in dry soft stuffs and dryargon with content 99.999% before being sealed). The drum is in conformity withthe standards of Chinese commodity inspection (No: GB/T325): Vertical uncorkedsteel drum with the capacity of 200 liters.

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